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The Power of Gouache

My mediums of choice are oil, pastel and gouache. Depending on where I am situated physically, I might be limited to oils. If I am fortunate enough to have the use of a sizable studio space, I might be inspired to paint with gouache.

Gouache is a type of watercolour, consisting of natural pigment, water, and binding agent and has been used for over twelve centuries. With traditional watercolour the white paper and any drawing will show through. With the combination of the particular colour preparation I use, and the opacity and range of gouache colours available, I am able to create the most amazing vibrant and intense colours and the paper does not show through. ‘Sanctuary in the Dry’ painting is an example of the rich gouache colours

My technique and style that I use for gouache paintings are closely linked to my colour preparation technique. Using the plastic lids from suitable containers as my pallet, I mix a large squeeze from the tube of colour with water. I then mix up additional colours by combining two mixed colours from two lids, into a third lid. I currently have over 100 lids (pallets) filled with colour. At the end of the painting session, they are left to dry and reactivated with water the next day. The lids are stackable and have been transported around the world with me. The pallets of colour allow me to paint large areas without running out and trying to match the colour.

Kimberley Kohan - Artist Blog - The Power of Gouache
The Power of Gouache


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