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I Can’t Draw a Straight Line.

I would be a very wealthy artist if I was paid $1 for every time a person said to me “You are so lucky. I can’t draw a straight line”. I couldn’t and from time to time I had to make a concentrated effort to relearn that skill.

So now you are probably wondering how an artist who has been painting for over 25 years has to relearn how to draw a straight line and what that might mean for you, the person who insists they can’t draw a straight line.

Let’s talk about how to build the skill for drawing a straight line. Turn your piece of paper (A4) on its side. With pencil in hand, start your line from the bottom of the page and move the pencil vertically upwards for the length of the page. Move the pencil a little to the right and again, start at the bottom and draw the line vertically to the top of the page. Repeat, repeat, repeat, until you have filled the entire page. Repeat this exercise daily for a week or two and you will notice an amazing difference in your ability to draw a straight line without the aid of the pencil. Yes, this is how I build my skill every time I find my lines getting a little shaky. Mmm, maybe it is time to freshen up that skill again.


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