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“As a gallerist (and painter), running a large, private gallery in the renowned Kimberley region of Western Australia, Kimberley Kohan was my number one artist (after myself). During a period of sixteen years, I managed many artists, producing both 2D and 3D works of high quality. Kimberley’s work was always among the most popular with patrons. Her use of colour, ability to work both traditionally and in a more streamlined style, as well as her interest in diverse subject matters, appealed to many of our visitors. These viewers came from all over Australia and overseas and those who met Kimberley (yes, her birth name) in the Kimberley, were delighted to find the artist a colourful and articulate personality. This of course added to her well-deserved, high sales record.”

— Nadeen Lovell, Lovell Gallery, West Australia, Australia

Kimberley Kohan_Art_Testimonial S Mitchell.jpeg

“We are lucky to have a number of pieces of Kimberley’s artwork in our home. They are all of a region in Western Australia, the Kimberley, where l lived most of my life and so they are beautiful daily affirmations keeping the Kimberley with us every day even though we now live over 3000 km away.


Friends say that our home feels the same even when we moved house as those paintings represent our family. We love the bright colours; they make us feel good. Home wouldn’t be the same without Kimberley’s artwork on the walls.”

— S. Mitchell, South Perth, Western Australia, Australia

“We've purchased a number of Kimberley Kohan's paintings over the years. Her style changes, but because of her deep knowledge of the landscapes she depicts, her works are always sensitive and unique. It's been pleasing to discover that their initial impact hasn't diminished at all over time.”

— S. and J. Dickman, Bacchus Marsh, Victoria, Australia

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“Kimberley’s art adds colour and beauty to a number of walls in our home. Kimberley’s brightly coloured boabs and jabiru’s help to create a fun atmosphere in our living space, while her landscapes provide snapshots into places, we really want to spend more time exploring. The detail in the landscapes reflect Kimberley’s passion for the areas she paints and is what originally drew us to her paintings whilst her ability to expertly shift to different mediums has kept our interest and our desire to own more of her work. Over the years we have proudly collected her art and its as fresh today as it was when we first placed our new addition/s.”

— Ian and Annie, Kununurra, West Australia, Australia

Dr. A Tippets.JPG

“‘I love this painting–it fills me with peace and tranquillity. It transports me back to the Ord River in the Kimberley and reminds me of many happy memories there.”

— Dr. A Tippets, Broome, West Australia, Australia

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“I’ve never been to Mongolia, but I have a strong sense of what it must be like, looking at these paintings. I love the colours which evoke cool, crisp days–sunshine on a winter’s day. I particularly like the herdsman, sitting meditatively on the plain, and I get lost in his thoughts as I watch him.”

— D. Newman, Nedlands, West Australia, Australia

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“The waters around my home of Perth in Western Australia have a unique look–they are unmistakable. Kimberley Kohan captured that look perfectly–no matter where I am in the world, I have something of home with me in this painting.”

— D. Smith-Gander, Cottonwood Heights, Utah, USA

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“We are proud to own three original paintings and one limited edition print from Kimberley. All are treasured and hanging proudly in prime positions throughout. Kimberley is an amazingly talented artist with her love for the wilderness truly reflected in her vibrant colourful works. A pleasure to deal with.”

— A. Goy, Perth, Western Australia, Australia

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