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Why aren't there any prices on the website?

I sell and freight my artwork to many countries. I also have my paintings stored in a few countries, currently Canada and Australia. It is hard to pick a currency that will satisfy everyone, and the currencies fluctuate. During our discussions with you, I will fix a price in your currency so that there are no surprises.

Is the price negotiable?

Selling art is how an artist makes money to pay for the art materials, studio space and general living expenses. If you are a regular buyer, I offer a friend a family price. Sometimes the price is just not within the budget.  We can discuss the possibility of a lay-by or instalment plan, generally limited to three months.

When do I pay this?

I require the payment prior to freighting the artwork to you.

How do I pay for this?

The painting can be purchased by credit card or a bank-to-bank transfer.

Does the price include freight?

The price does not include freight. During discussions with you I will obtain a quote on freight and insurance. There may be some import duties payable depending on the customs requirement of your country.

How is the artwork freighted?

The painting is wrapped using a professional packing service wherever possible. If not possible, I personally pack the painting, something I have been doing over the last twenty-five years. The artwork is freighted using a reputable freight company. The tracking number is shared with you so that you can track its movement across the world to your door. Your signature will be required upon delivery.

What if I don’t like the painting when I receive it?

Each piece of artwork is professionally photographed to ensure that the image is as close to the actual artwork. The smaller the image you are viewing the closer the pixels are to each other, possibly making the image brighter than the original. Also, your computer screen settings may need recalibrating and if so, this might dampen or brighten the image. In the unlikely event that the artwork does not meet your expectations, we will discuss the possibility of the artworks return.

What if the artwork is damaged in transit?

In the unfortunate event that the painting is delivered to you damaged, it will often be evident from the condition of the box or the sounds of broken glass inside. Take photos of the box before opening it and take pictures of the damaged contents. Please contact me as soon as possible. In some cases, the damage may be minor, and I can organise for a local framer to reframe the painting. If the actual artwork is damaged, we will discuss a way forward that is suitable to you including making a claim on the insurance taken out for the freighting of the artwork. Worst case scenario is that I repaint the painting for you.

Should I insure the artwork?

Absolutely. In over twenty-five years of freighting paintings around the world, only two have been damaged. In both cases the frame was replaced and covered by the insurance. I don’t want your purchased to be the one that the freight company badly damaged and there is no recourse to repair or replace it.

Is there a story behind this painting?

Part of my painting process is to write a story and this is included with the painting documentation. You can read the story on my website by double clicking on the selected painting.

What type of documentation will be provided?

Included in your documentation pack, is the valuation certificate, the story about the painting, a copy of paid invoice, how to care for your artwork and a little bit of background about me.

Can I return the artwork after I have purchased it?

In most cases the purchase of my artwork is final, however if you really don’t like it in your home, I am open to discussions about its return. In some cases, particularly if you are unsure, you can take the painting home on a trial basis for a non-refundable deposit.

Is the original artwork mine to use however I want?

When you buy one of my paintings you are buying the physical object, but you do not own the image. I retain the copyright to the image. This means you can’t use the image on a t-shirt, wine label etc. As I retain the ownership, I can reproduce the image. If I decide to do a limited-edition print run of one of the images, this decision is made prior to the sale of the original and if you are the prospective buyer of the original, I would inform of that decision. If you are interested in using the image for another purpose, then we will need to come to an agreement

What are limited editions?

From time to time I select one of my paintings and create a limited-edition print run of either thirty prints or fifty prints. I use a high-quality professional printing service and reproduce the prints on paper or canvas depending on what support (paper or canvas) the original painting was created on. Each print is numbered, named, and signed. In the case of prints produced on paper, this information is handwritten on the bottom of the print, directly under the image. In the case of prints created on canvas, this information is handwritten on the back of the canvas.

Will this purchase prove to be a good investment years from now?

From my perspective I believe it will and I am continually working on lifting awareness of my art globally through exhibitions. However, I create my art with the aim to bring a joyful or happy feeling, maybe evoke a lovely memory of travels or compliment your home or office. I hope that the artwork continues to engage you no matter how often you view it and thoughts of it being a good investment are secondary to your purchase decision.

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