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18682 In The Face of Magnificence,Oil 92x60cm,36x24in,web.jpg


Do you accept layby/layaway?
Kimberley will accept a 30% deposit to hold any original painting until final payment is made. The maximum time frame for an arrangement of this sort is 30 days.


How do I care for my painting?

Along with your original artwork, investors will receive a comprehensive care guide as well as a certificate of authenticity.


What's the difference between an edition and an original?

An edition is a reproduction of an original painting, also known as a 'print.' The original artwork is professionally photographed and then printed directly onto canvas or paper. An original is any art hand painted directly onto canvas or paper by the artist.

What is meant by copyright?

You are probably familiar with this symbol and word ‘© COPYRIGHT’, which stipulates that all artwork on this website is protected by International Copyright Laws. These laws protect the intellectual and artistic property of the artist who created it. The art may not be reproduced under any circumstances, in any form, in any country without permission.


Did you know that when any artist sells their work they still retain the copyright even if you don’t see ‘© COPYRIGHT’, unless it is expressly transferred to the buyer?


Kimberley has spent many years and thousands of hours developing her technique and colourful styles. She would very much appreciate it very much if you would assist her in guarding her creative property.


Is there a Returns Policy?

If for any reason you are not completely satisfied with your purchase, we are able to offer you an exchange. Item(s) must be returned to us undamaged and in original packaging. The customer is responsible for all related shipping charges. We do not refund shipping or packaging charges.

18682 In The Face of Magnificence,Oil 92x60cm,36x24in,web.jpg
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