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Kimbrley Kohan - The Royal Court-low-res AdobeRGB.jpg

To purchase this piece, or for more information, 

please contact Kimberley directly at

The Royal Court

Oil on canvas 

122cm x 76cm, 48” x 30”

​What gives icebergs their otherworldly glow? Red, long-wave light from the sun is refracted through the iceberg, combining with current atmospheric conditions, expelling that most celestial range of colour. Nature truly is the greatest artist.


I am clearly not the only one seduced by these icy structures as I scroll through the number of cruises departing from the coast, heading up to Alaska. These mammoth icescapes have been photographed by millions of people and yet their novelty does not fade.


In this picture, the small floating pieces weaving a pathway to the large iceberg are reminiscent of all of us (the court), cameras at the ready, eager to behold the ‘kingdom’ of ice.

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