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Ribbons of Reflection (18648)-Lake-Reflections-Birch Trees-60x76cm-24x30in-Oil Painting-Ki

Ribbons of Reflection

Oil on canvas 

60cm x 76cm, 24” x 30”

During my travels, I found myself gazing into the water and becoming aware of the many layers, life and movement from the surface to the depths. At the deepest level, the mud reigns supreme with decomposed vegetation working to bring life anew. Coming up from the rich depths and closer to the shoreline, the sodden leaves mingled amongst the partially decomposing grasses.


I was particularly drawn to the reflections of the sky and trees overlaying this myriad of nutrients, energy and carbon being released. It was fascinating to see how it all pieced together: a life-cycle contained.


Much like the layering of vegetation depicted, painting this piece required layers upon layers, built up slowly over time. Meditation, perseverance, growth.

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