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Pilbara-Boundaries2-Kimberley Kohan-Artist.jpg

To purchase this piece, or for more information, 

please contact Kimberley directly at

Pilbara Boundaries

Oil on canvas 

100cm x 76cm, 39” x 30”

Amidst the vast expanses of red earth that stretch the Pilbara region, it is actually surprising how easily one can stumble across relics from the past: primordial rock formations, petroglyphs left from the Aboriginal first people, and the shells of old settlements, whose borders grew or shrank over time depending on the prosperity of their owners.


Most of the rails of this old cattle yard have disappeared and yet the posts still stand. I find myself wondering what might have happened.


Did the grazier fall on hard times? Did he use the rails as firewood during cold nights, or as supply to build shelter? Or, conversely, was this a sign of good fortune? Did the owner of the cattle station expand his borders, add new livestock, take what was useful and then leave the rest, lousy with abundance?


It is a harsh land, but fruitful for those who seek to find. I will never know the story behind these posts but their presence remains, standing stoic and strong against time and beating sun.

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