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Majesty of the Seas (18658)-Alaska Iceberg, Iceberg-76x122cm-30x48in-Oil-Painting-Kimberle

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please contact Kimberley directly at

Majesty of the Seas

Oil on canvas 

76cm x 122cm, 30” x 48”

​Alaska was on the top of my Bucket List thanks to- I’ll admit it- a whimsical, 1990’s TV series called ‘Northern Exposure,’ which took place in a small Alaskan town.


As I approached a rather significant birthday feeling restless, the casual comment by a friend to look at my ‘bucket list’ started a ball rolling. Fast forward 8 months, I am sitting in a kayak, quietly paddling around these incredible ice sculptures in the Alaskan waters.


After this experience, I realized a Bucket List is not necessarily something that can be checked off and finished with, rather it is a collection that keeps growing and giving. I cannot wait to visit these beauties again.

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