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Inspiration (18683)-Graffiti, Standing in the Rain, Woman, Umbrella, Rainfall-92x60cm- 36x

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Oil on canvas 

92cm x 60cm, 36” x 24”

Her stance profiled by the overhead lights, and soften by the fine raindrops, cause me to pause and imagine her story.

Maybe this woman would pass this way daily, to use the underpass to get from work to home. This particular cold wet night she stopped and gazed at the illuminated images, contemplating the meeting of
two artists’ work. Did she speculate as to why the graffiti artist tagged the wall? Maybe this woman also felt invisible and gave thought to doing something similar to say “I matter”.

There was a stillness about this woman that called to me. I don’t know this woman, but I hope that this painting that she inspired, encourages us all to know the ‘we matter’.

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