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In The Face of Magnificence (18682)-Sunset, Sunrise, Clouds-Oil Painting-92x60cm-36x24in-K

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In the Face of Magnificence

Oil on canvas 

92cm x 60cm, 36” x 24”

There are 48 synonyms for the word magnificence that I could have selected, including brilliance, glory, grandeur, or resplendent to name a few. I think however that the word magnificence aptly describes the impressiveness and beauty of this moment.


If given the opportunity most of us gather along a shoreline or vantage point to watch the mess of colours unfold as the sun steadily descends at the end of day. Why are we drawn to watch this? A few cultures have embraced the sunset as a daily opportunity to give thanks. In some places clapping and cheering, sometimes silence accompany the ‘ball dropping below the horizon line.


Poets, romantics, painters, and writers are inspired by these timeless sunsets. Mahatma Gandhi was quoted as saying, “When I admire the wonders of a sunset or the beauty of the moon, my soul expands in the worship of the creator”.


To watch a sunset such as this, is to feel humble in the face of such magnificence.

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