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Heading Out, OIl, 76 x 60.jpg

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Heading Out

Oil on canvas 

76cm x 60cm, 30" x 24"

Traveling by ferry through the northwest passage proved to be an unexpected highlight of my recent travels. I found it difficult to read or write during my passage, not for seasickness, but for worry that I might miss something spectacular. Views of wildlife grazing on the banks of the water, snow-capped mountains, massive blocks of sky-blue ice, and sea life nudging the surface of the water, checking out our ferry as we passed through their territory. At the end of each day, my fellow travelers and I would share pictures and stories of the wonders we were witness to.


I am told that June is a particularly interesting month to travel up the passage as the weather can be very unpredictable. During my voyage, it was cold, wet and overcast and yet it did not hamper my enjoyment, nor did it dissuade these two trawlers, unphased by the weather and continuing on “business as usual.”

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