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Its All About The Shoes_Oil_51x71cm_20x28_Kimberley Kohan-Artist.jpg

To purchase this piece, or for more information, 

please contact Kimberley directly at

It's All About The Shoes 

Oil on canvas 

51cm x 71cm, 20” x 28”

​In the bustling city of Glamourville lived Isabella, a young woman with an extraordinary passion for fashion. Her most treasured possessions were a pair of exquisite Louis Vuitton shoes, a masterpiece of design she had saved up for months to acquire.

These weren't just shoes to Isabella; they were a work of art that transformed any ordinary day into an adventure. With each step, the iconic LV monogram sparkled like stars in the night sky. Isabella strutted through the city streets, her magical shoes tapping on the pavement like a sweet melody.

As she walked through the park and watched the city lights twinkle from a rooftop, Isabella realized that the real magic wasn't just in the shoes but in the confidence and joy they brought her. Her journey continued, the city lights reflecting in her stylish Louis Vuitton shoes, a symbol of her vibrant and adventurous spirit.

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