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Feels Good_Oil_ 56x76cm_22x30_Kimberley Kohan-Artist.jpg

To purchase this piece, or for more information, 

please contact Kimberley directly at

Feels Good

Oil on canvas 

56cm x 76cm, 22” x 30”

​The day had been long, and Adrian found himself in need of a moment of respite. He stood by the window, the city lights twinkling beyond the glass, casting a romantic ambiance. The air was filled with a subtle hint of lavender, adding to the enchanting atmosphere.

Adrian took a deep breath, feeling the tension in his muscles from the day's demands. His strong arms stretched upward, elongating his torso. The tight muscles in his back begged for relief, and he decided to indulge them.

Adrian stood in the soft glow, clad only in the dim light and the quiet elegance of his own form. He moved to the centre of the room, the cool surface of the hardwood floor beneath his bare feet. As he extended his arms, his back arched in a sinuous stretch, a symphony of muscles coming alive.

The strains of tension melted away with each movement, replaced by a subtle, sensual rhythm. The room seemed to pulse with the energy of his being, a magnetic force that transcended the physical.

As he continued to stretch and move, Adrian embraced the pleasure of the simple act of caring for his body. In the quiet of that room, with the city as his witness, he found a moment of serenity — a captivating dance of a man, lost in the poetry of his own existence.

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