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Awaken_Oil 92cmX92cm_36_x36_Kimberley Kohan-Artist.jpg

To purchase this piece, or for more information, 

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Oil on canvas 

92cm x 92cm, 36" x 36"

In a serene town surrounded by rolling hills and babbling brooks, a man named Oliver grappled with the weight of profound loss after the passing of his beloved partner, Eleanor. Their once vibrant home now stood as a somber testament to the quiet solitude that enveloped him.

Days turned into weeks, and weeks into months, as Oliver withdrew from the world, cocooned in a blanket of grief. The garden, once alive with the colours of their shared joy, now withered in neglect. The townsfolk, who had known the couple as the heartbeat of the community, watched with heavy hearts as Oliver retreated into the shadows of his memories.

Yet, fate, unpredictable and whimsical, had other plans for Oliver. One afternoon, a gentle knock on the door revealed a neighbor, Emily, holding a basket of freshly picked apples. Sensing Oliver's solitude, she invited him to join a gathering at the local town square.

Reluctantly, Oliver emerged from his self-imposed isolation and found himself amidst the lively chatter of the townsfolk. The warmth of human connection, the laughter of children playing, and the simple joy of shared moments slowly began to permeate the walls around his wounded heart.

Encouraged by these gestures of kindness, Oliver started to reclaim parts of his life. He took walks in the town, greeted familiar faces, and found solace in the simplicity of daily routines. 

As the seasons changed, so did Oliver. The once-dormant spark of life flickered back to existence. The town, once a backdrop to his sorrow, now served as a canvas for rediscovery. The laughter, the bird's melody, and the embrace of community began to weave a tapestry of healing around his wounded spirit.

Life, with its infinite possibilities, gently nudged Oliver back into the rhythm of existence. The quiet town, once a canvas of grief, transformed into a sanctuary of renewal. And so, with each passing day, Oliver learned that even in the face of profound loss, the world had a way of whispering hope into the quiet corners of a once-broken spirit.

I was drawn to paint this image as I felt the beauty of this man’s journey.

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