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Yellow Water Lilly-1 , OIl, 30x30,low-re
Yellow Water Lilly-2, Oil, 30x30 low-res

Yellow Water Lily - 1 & 2

Oil on canvas 

30cm x 30cm, 12”x12” 

The yellow water lily, also known as a spatterdock or cow-lily, appeared regularly in my travels throughout British Columbia and the Yukon.


Curious about the plant, I was intrigued to learn that this lily variety is also found in Europe, northwest Africa and western Asia, a testament to its hardiness, despite its delicate beauty. I also discovered the many medicinal uses of various parts of the lily. The leaves of this particular varietal were at one time heated and used as a poultice for chest pains.


While I did not find myself in need of any poultices, I was certainly drawn to the beauty of this unique plant and the patterns of light playing over the submerged and partially submerged leaves.

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