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Treading Lightly, Oil 76x76.JPG

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Treading Lightly

Oil on canvas

76cm x 76cm, 30”x30”

The comb-crested jacana, named for the brilliant red stripe on its head, is also colloquially known as a ‘lotusbird’ or ‘lilytrotter.’ These nicknames are very apt as these unique birds have adapted to live on top of floating vegetation in tropical freshwater zones.


The lilytrotter’s long, slender legs finish with distinctively large toes which allow the birds to traverse the most delicate of landscapes- floating lily pads- with ease. In this precarious environment, the lilytrotter builds its nests, feeds off of insects and raises its young.


The grace with which these amazing birds navigate the watery landscape, combined with the flourishes of fluffy, white lily flowers, makes me think of the lilytrotter as a ballerina, found in nature.

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