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Hot_Oil_61x76cm_24x30_Kimberley Kohan-Artist.jpg

To purchase this piece, or for more information, 

please contact Kimberley directly at


Oil on canvas 

61cm x 76cm, 24” x 30”

​Once upon a time, in the charming town of Serenity Springs, there lived a ruggedly handsome man named Jake McAllister. Despite his corporate job, he was a true embodiment of the wild, untamed spirit of the nearby mountains that loomed majestically in the distance. Jake had a mop of unruly chestnut hair that seemed to defy gravity, and his piercing blue eyes held the secrets of countless adventures.

One sunny morning, as the golden rays of the sun danced upon the quaint streets of Serenity Springs, Jake decided it was time for a change. Tired of his routine, he traded his business suit for faded blue jeans and a jacket, leaving his shirt behind.

Word quickly spread through the town about Jake's new look, and the excitement was palpable. It wasn't long before curious townsfolk gathered in the heart of Serenity Springs, wondering what had prompted this unexpected transformation.

As Jake strolled through the town square, he couldn't help but notice the whispers and giggles that followed him. The air was filled with a sense of mystery and anticipation. The rugged man in blue jeans had become the talk of the town.

From that day forward, whenever someone in Serenity Springs spotted a flash of blue denim in the distance, they couldn't help but smile, remembering the day when Jake McAllister traded his business suit for a charming shade of blue. And so, the town lived happily ever after, wrapped in the whimsy of a rugged man and his adventures in blue jeans.

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