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Light Show on the Mangroves, Oil, 76 X 7

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Light Show Over the Mangroves

Oil on canvas

76cm x 76cm, 30”x30”

According to the Australian Bureau of Meteorology, northwestern Australia experiences more lightning than anywhere else in the continent- combined. During monsoon season, massive thunderstorms roll in to the region on an almost-daily basis.


Living in the Kimberley, I adored sitting through the frequent electrical storms. Somehow the novelty never wore off- the sizzle of heat radiating off of baked earth, electricity charging the air, webs of light illuminating the night sky and the deep, reverberating roll of thunder.


In French, the expression for 'love at first sight' is coup de foudre, which literally translates to 'lightning strike.’ I like to think of the idiom in reverse, as it was certainly love at first sight experiencing these storms.

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