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Jewels of the Sea-Driftwood, Oil, 30 x 3
Jewels of the Sea-Shells, OIl 30 x
Jewels of the Sea-Rock and Shells, OIl 3

Jewels of the Sea - Driftwood, Shells & Rocks 

Oil on canvas 

30cm x 30cm, 12”x12” 

It is almost impossible not to be drawn to a shoreline. There is something primal about the pull, something connecting us to our animal ancestry: to breathe the salt air, watch the meditative roll and crash of the waves, dig one’s toes into the sand and, of course, explore what the ocean has gifted. 


True treasure seekers can be found beachcombing at first light, especially following a storm. The debris left on the water’s edge may seem messy or useless, but for those who care to seek, a veritable embarrassment of riches can be found. 


I came across these particular offerings on a shoreline in the Haida Gwaii (previously known as the Queen Charlotte Islands). I was particularly drawn to the softened edges of the driftwood, the colours of rocks and shells, still moist from the sea and vibrant in the morning light. 

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