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Ice Castle, Oil, 121 x 62.jpg

Ice Castle - SOLD

Oil on canvas 

122 cm x 61cm, 48”x24” 

There are moments in life which truly take your breath away.


This beautiful ice castle is located within Chugach State Park, due west of the town of Valdez, Alaska. I could not have visited this scene on a more picturesque day: blazing blue sky, not a cloud in sight.


Kayaking around this substantial iceberg did take my breath away. For someone so infatuated with colour, the sheer spectrum of blues I drank in was awe-inspiring, not to mention the sheer magnitude of the edifice when I drew up close.


Close, but fortunately not too close... just 20 metres away from the face of the iceberg, as my paddle scooped through the glassy sea, a cracking sound filled the air- a piece of the ice fell away (calved). The echo shuddered throughout the sound and the fragment dropped into the sea, creating waves and ripples beneath my small kayak.


A moment frozen in my own timeline, yet also so fleeting.

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