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18677 Hope, Oil, 76cmx62cm, 30inx24in Hi

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Oil on Canvas

76cm x 62cm, 30”x24”

In early 2020, I began this painting of an intricate mess of shells I found in a seabed. I loved the beautiful tangle of mollusks, living alone but together, in such tight quarters.


Little did I know, a global pandemic was on the horizon. With social distancing and lockdown measures falling into place, I struggled creatively at first, feeling somehow both very alone and very claustrophobic in my small studio. The darkness at the edges of the frame felt very real; and then- a breakthrough.


Alone, together. Just like the shells. And the light we all huddle around- hope. Hope of a new day, a new way of life, and a renewed sense of love, kindness and community.

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