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Dreaming of Ice Wine, Oil, 45x51cm,subm.

Dreaming of Ice Wine

Oil on canvas

45cm x 51cm, 18”x20”

Australia, where I have spent the majority of my life, is known for its excellent wines. It is not, however, a country that experiences much frost or snow. Thus, arriving in the Okanagan, I was fascinated to try some Ice Wines.


To be VQA certified “ice wine,” grapes must freeze on the vine, be harvested at less than -8°C and finally, be pressed while still frozen. This requires many working hands on very short notice.


I found the prospect of receiving a telephone call at 3am to pick grapes rather evocative. I am sure that the thought is more romantic than the reality of the job, scouring vines for frozen bunches of grapes with equally frozen fingers.


Thus, this painting of the vines, laden with fruit, waiting for the right temperature to commence picking, is probably as close as I will get to the actual experience... a toast to the harvesters!

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