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Crystal Caves and Castles-1, Oil, 50 x 4
Crystal Caves and Castles-2,OIl 50 x 40.

Crystal Caves & Castles - 1, 2 & 3

Oil on canvas

50cm x 40cm, 20”x16”

Crystal Caves and Castles-3,Oil,50 x 40

I was originally compelled to visit Alaska through a desire to see ‘blue ice’- glaciers and icebergs. This necessitated leaving my comfort zone, as I was told the best way to view the icebegr s was via kayak. Wrapped in layers of fleece and rubber to protect my body from the freezing waters, I paddled through Prince William Sound in Alaska. The moment I caught sight of this spectacular, naturally-formed ice sculpture, the cold on my hands and the burn of my muscles disappeared.


Not only was this magnificent formation awe-inspiring when viewed in its entirety but as I drew closer, individual caves, crevasses and crystals loomed into view. The magnificent patterns and subtle variations in colour are a delight to the artists’ eye. I hope they also call to you.

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