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The Wash of the Tides

Oil on canvas 

92cm x 60cm, 36" x 24"

The tides have existed since the earth was created. Before the continents split as we know them today, there was the water, lapping at the edges of Pangea. Before humans walked the earth, before dinosaurs roamed, the moon’s gravitational pull made the seas ebb and flow.


Wherever you find a coastline, you will find people on the beach, watching the ever-present crashing of waves. There is something primal in it- meditative- like watching a fire.


People live and die, and still the waves keep rolling. Civilizations rise and fall, and the rhythm of the water continues. It’s this eternal quality that attracts me to oceanside relic and ruin, like these historic timbers in Steveston, BC. Once the docks of a booming fishing village, they now slowly erode, gently returning to the elements with every passing wave.

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