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please contact Kimberly directly at


Oil on Canvas

30cm x 30cm, 12”x 12”

I have never stayed in any one place for too long. I get restless, my feet start to itch. I am a dreamer and a wanderer at heart. Enter: global pandemic.


Sometimes, the best thing for one’s creativity is to break routine- even if that routine is change itself. Faced with the Covid-19 pandemic I found myself getting frustrated with the stagnancy of the same city, the same neighbourhood, the same little cottage. Thankfully (and surprisingly), this forced me to be more mindful of what was around me, to explore my small sliver of the world more deeply than I had in a while. It was almost like learning to meditate. Escape the ever transient ‘Monkey Mind’ swinging constantly from branch to branch and just learn to embrace the slow, the still, and the quiet.


The strength of this bollard caught my eye first and the boat, still tethered on such a beautiful day, certainly struck a chord, but it did not make me unhappy. Instead, I started to finally understand the beauty of being truly grounded.

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