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Break of Dawn, Oil, 50x40, low-res.jpg

Break of Dawn

Oil on canvas

50cm x 40cm, 20”x16”

British Columbia is freckled with water. Notwithstanding the Pacific Ocean along its west coast, lakes and rivers endlessly traverse the province.


One morning, while staying in the Okanagan, I found myself unable to sleep. Up for the sunrise, I greeted the early morning warmth on my face and walked down to the lakefront. What I found there was a world that had yet to fully wake up: birds chirping quietly, awaking from their slumber, and glassy water blanketed in a light mist.


There is something very special about this time of the day. It feels like a period of renewal. The birds singing a morning prayer, paying homage to new beginnings. A slight wisp of the crisp morning air washing my face.


I feel filled with gratitude and blessed at the day ahead.

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